Environmental Sustainability - Overview

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A Culture of Sustainability

This is the story of how we work to safeguard our air, land, water, and community to create healthier, happier lives today, while putting the wheels in motion to shape a resilient future for generations to come.

girl in a forest holding a potted plant and smelling it

Our Commitment

For many years, we have demonstrated our commitment to healthy communities and a balanced, equitable and sustainable transportation network. Embracing a zero-emission bus future by building the world’s largest hydrogen fueling station. Pioneering microtransit to reduce congestion and vehicle miles traveled. Identifying climate-change stressors to ensure a strong region prepared for the journeys ahead.

In all, we consider the environment.

Preserving & Conserving Land & Water

Orange County voters told us to prioritize the environment. For decades, we’ve kept that promise.

a group of people hiking in an arid area
  • Preserved 1,300 acres of open-space land

  • Allocated $10M to restore 350 acres of open space land

  • Kept 45.3 million gallons of trash out of waterways

  • Protected more than 40 miles of Orange County coastline

Green Bus Transit

Our OC Bus fleet runs on clean, renewable energy now and is headed toward a 100 percent zero-emission future to bring even cleaner air quality to Orange County.

a smiling man riding riding a bus with a pair of headphones hanging on his neck
  • Conducting a pilot program using 20 zero-emission (10 hydrogen, 10 electric) buses

  • Built nation’s largest hydrogen fueling station with an 18K-gallon fuel capacity, scalable to 100 buses

  • Debuted pilot hydrogen fuel cell electric bus program in 2016, the first in Southern California

  • Replaced 50 support vehicles with zero-emission substitutes

Clean Travel Modes

We’re making it easier for Orange County to breathe easier with clean travel alternatives for all that reduce pollution, congestion, and vehicle miles traveled (VMT).

a family at a train station speaking with an OCTA employee
  • Led nationwide microtransit trend to help remove cars from the road and reduce air pollution

  • Awarded approximately $140 M in funding since 2012 to encourage active transportation

  • Reduced 339M+ VMT with Metrolink annually

  • Removed thousands of cars from OC streets each July with the OC Fair Express

  • Completed more than 1,000 miles of regional bikeway network

Cleaner Journeys on Freeways & Sustainable Streets

We’re maximizing limited space to encourage ridesharing and transit use on sustainable roadways.

a stretch of freeway with traffic during sunrise with a shrubby hill to the left and flat shrub land to the right
  • Pioneered congestion management pricing with the 91 Express Lanes

  • Synchronized more than 7,750 intersections, reducing emissions and greenhouse gases

  • Reduced 4M+ miles of VMT in six months with vanpool

Adapting for a Brighter Tomorrow

As stewards of the future, we are working to minimize the effects of potential climate hazards and fortifying assets for sustainability to make sure a strong, resilient future is down the road.

a family at a train station speaking with an OCTA employee
  • Leading climate defense of OC rail infrastructure, with partners SCRRA, Caltrans & SCAG

  • Developing agency resistance to natural and human-induced disasters/hazards

  • Protecting the Transit Security & Operations building with sustainable design

Our Commitment

To assure that transportation continues to contribute to a green, resilient county, we’re committed to leadership, administration and oversight thoughtfully focused on sustainability and a healthy future.

a group of people in suits and ties standing in front of a fenced building with a sign that says air products
  • Leading the region with a vision for environmental stewardship & sustainability.

  • Recycled more than 1,160 pounds of electronic waste and 7,735 gallons of used antifreeze in one year at OCTA facilities.

  • Implemented the voter-approved transportation sales tax OC Go, providing $13.2 billion in new funding for freeway, regional/local streets and roads, and transit improvements until 2041.

We’re taking action today to ensure a clean, resilient tomorrow.

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