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Federal & State Legislative Platforms that Guide OCTA

OCTA serves as the county transportation planning commission for Orange County, one of the most densely populated areas in the country, and is responsible for planning, funding and implementing transit and capital projects for 34 cities and 3.2 million residents. OCTA oversees Orange County's major investment studies and manages the planning and long-term funding for all future transportation infrastructure improvements in the county, including the implementation of OC Go, the county's local sales tax measure for transportation purposes. As one of only a few multi-modal transportation agencies in the state, OCTA operates the county's transit system - one of the busiest in the nation; funds and plans highway, street and road, and active transportation projects; operates the 91 Express Lanes; manages motorist services; and oversees unique environmental mitigation programs to preserve open space and improve water quality.

Each year, OCTA prepares legislative platforms that guide its statutory, regulatory, and administrative goals and objectives at the federal and state level. Environmental considerations are a key factor as OCTA moves forward with its commitment to a balanced and sustainable Orange County.

View OCTA's Federal Legislative Platform 2023-24 here.
View OCTA's State Legislative Platform 2023-24 here.

OCTA Funding Programs and Grants

OCTA is responsible for programming local, federal, and state-sourced funds towards projects that will improve transportation in Orange County. Frequently, those projects have an environmental component. Programs include:

  • Local funding through OC Go
  • Federal funding
  • State funding

OCTA's Capital Programming Department is responsible for developing and maintaining a competitive and proactive grant funding program that is responsive to the needs of the OCTA. These efforts include maximizing funding opportunities from all grant resources, promoting the favorable formulation of grant-related legislation and rulemaking, and serving as the OCTA's primary point of contact with funding agencies.

Learn more about OCTA's funding programs and grant administration.

Additional Resources

OCTA's approval of a draft plan to convert the OC Bus fleet to 100 percent zero-emission technology by 2040 will help bring cleaner air quality to Orange County.
The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has awarded OCTA $19.917 million in funding for products and projects that will improve mobility and the environment in Orange County.
Designed to travel through some of the most populated areas in Orange County and to connect with transit, retail, and employment centers, the OC Streetcar was awarded a $28 million state-funded grant for projects that boost public transit ridership and help improve the environment.