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  • I-5 El Toro Road Interchange

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  • el toro interchange

    The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), in partnership with California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), is studying potential alternatives to improve the Interstate 5 (I-5)/El Toro Road Interchange. OCTA and Caltrans are working closely with the cities of Lake Forest, Laguna Hills and Laguna Woods.

    The project is in the environmental phase and the purpose of the project is to:

    • improve traffic flow and optimize traffic signalization;
    • reduce queuing at freeway on- and off-ramps; and
    • reduce congestion at and through local street intersections.

Details Tab Content:

  • Project Schedule


    • Development of Project Study Report resulting in 15 project alternatives
    • Four build alternatives were recommended for further study

    2017 – 2019

    • Project Approval/Environmental Document (PA/ED) phase began
    • Design and right-of-way (ROW) workshops held between OCTA, Caltrans and the Cities of Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, and Laguna Woods resulting in two of four build alternatives being removed from further study
    • Public circulation and review of draft ED with two build alternatives presented
    • OCTA, Caltrans and the Cities meet to discuss proposed alternatives, other options, and next steps

    2020 – Early 2022

    • OCTA began an Alternatives Assessment Study to look at potential additional alternatives in coordination with the Cities and Caltrans
    • October 2021 – Draft Final Alternatives Assessment Study completed
    • March 2022 – Meeting with the Cities and Caltrans to reach consensus on study alternatives to move forward

    Mid-2022 – 2024

    • Potentially incorporate Alternative Assessment Study Alternatives into the environmental phase process

    Project Alternatives

    There are currently four alternatives – two presented in the draft Environmental Document and two being considered as additional alternatives that would need to be moved back into the environmental process.

    These four alternatives were included in a presentation to the OCTA Board of Directors in early May.

    Draft PA/ED Alternative 2: Flyover

    Draft PA/ED Alternative 2: Flyover

    Draft PA/ED Alternative 4: Collector Distributor

    Collector Distributor

    Assessment Alternative (AA)-1: Braided Ramps One Location

    Braided Ramps One Location

    Assessment Alternative (AA)-5: Flyover with Roundabout (Close to Rockfield Boulevard)

    Flyover with Roundabout (Close to Rockfield Boulevard)

    The full presentation can be found on the Resources tab.

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