Gregory T. Winterbottom

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Gregory T. Winterbottom


The Orange County Transportation Authority mourns the loss of long-time Board Member Gregory T. Winterbottom. View the press release.

Public Member

Director Gregory T. Winterbottom has served as a Public Member on the Orange County Transportation Authority Board of Directors since 1993. Director Winterbottom brings to the OCTA Board a career of over 35 years of involvement in transportation issues.

As a member of the OCTA Board of Directors, Winterbottom served as Chairman in 2004 and again in 2013. Winterbottom currently serves on the OCTA's Transit Committee. He represents the OCTA on the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA), a joint powers authority that comprises five county agencies tasked with reducing highway congestion and improving mobility throughout Southern California, and the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), a multi-county agency that reviews proposals for and funds projects that reduce air pollution from motor vehicles within the South Coast Air District.

Director Winterbottom previously served as the executive director to the Orange County Consolidated Transportation Services Agency (CTSA), an agency that provided paratransit service to persons with disabilities and one of the agencies consolidated into OCTA in 1991.

As a wheelchair user, Winterbottom brings a unique and important viewpoint regarding transportation to the OCTA Board. His sensitivity to issues regarding persons with disabilities along with his extensive experience in the worlds of transportation and government have benefited OCTA policy making since he joined the Board.

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