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Transit App


Download the free Transit App and get upgraded to premium!

OCTA is giving OC Bus customers the “Royale” treatment. Beginning October 1st, OCTA is upgrading all our riders to Transit Royale, the premium subscription version of the Transit app

Transit Royale, is packed full of real-time information that is perfect for OC Bus customers to plan and track their trips then view arrival and departure times.

Transit App
Getting Started
  1. Download the FREE Transit App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store
  2. Follow on-screen prompts to set up account.
  3. As an OC Bus customer you’ll be upgraded for free to the premium version: Transit Royale

You’re now ready to plan your trips.

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Transit App features
Features and Benefits

Transit Royale offers OC Bus riders with a host of special features such including:

  1. Access to routes outside of your immediate area.
  2. Ability to schedule trips in advance.
  3. Choice of a custom avatar and nickname.
  4. Selection of custom themes and icons for locations such as home, work, and school.
  5. Option to compete with fellow riders for top spot through GO crowdsourcing.
  6. Ability to match branding with the OC Bus logo and colors.