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OC Bus

Validator Instructions

Help everyone board quickly by having your pass ready to scan before you board. The larger QR code on the activated pass now makes it faster for our validator to scan.

Ask Us!

If you are unsure how to use the new OC Bus App and the validator, please ask one of our drivers. They will be happy to help!
Using the OC Bus QR code on a phone to pay for boarding
Tips for boarding quickly:
  1. Select your pass from the Available menu.
  2. Activate your pass by tapping on the pass then tapping the Activate button.
  3. Once activated, the QR Code screen will appear and will be ready to use.
  4. Hold your phone at least 6 inches under the validator when the blue screen appears.
  5. Your pass has been validated when the green screen with a checkmark appears.
Validator screens for use with OC Bus App
Validator Screens
The OC Bus App validator will confirm what ticket or pass you are using. The blue screen indicates the validator is ready. Screens with checkmarks confirm validation. If your pass has expired, you will get a red screen with an X.