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Wrong Way Riding

By their very nature, salmon head upstream. But going against the flow is a bad move for bicyclists. In fact, riding against traffic is not only against the law—it’s dangerous and you’re much more likely to be injured.

Why It's Unsafe

  • Oncoming cars approach you at a much higher speed
  • Drivers can’t see you when entering or exiting driveways
  • Drivers won’t see you when turning left
  • Drivers can’t predict your behavior
  • You put other bicyclists at risk
  • You can be involved in a head-on collision
  • You can’t see traffic signals
  • You won’t be able to make right turns

Numbers Don't Lie

Wrong way riding is dangerous:

  • 33% of Orange County bicycle collisons occur when bicyclists ride the wrong way
  • 4x more dangerous than riding with traffic
  • 7x more dangerous for kids under 17 years old