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Master Plan

A comprehensive and complete bicycle network will greatly benefit Orange County residents and visitors. OCTA supports bicycle transportation as a viable commute alternative as well as an enjoyable recreational activity. 

For this reason, the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) adopted the 2009 Commuter Bikeways Strategic Plan (CBSP) on May 22, 2009. The plan was originally written in 1995 and is intended to create a comprehensive blueprint of the existing bikeways in the county, as well as propose new facilities to complete a network of bikeways. The 2009 CBSP is provided to the cities and the County to adopt, if they so choose. As the plan is implemented by local jurisdictions, bikeways and improved bicycle facilities will make a positive contribution to Orange County's goal of a balanced transportation system.

The CBSP is a regional planning document that identifies existing and proposed bikeways in Orange County. Through the cooperation of the cities and the County, an inventory was taken of existing bikeways, and priorities for new bikeways were identified. Prioritization of the proposed bikeways, as identified in the plan, was based on several factors, including input from local jurisdictions and the public, as well as connectivity to transit and regional destinations.

In addition to analysis of existing and proposed bikeways, the document provides information on bicycle amenities, such as bike lockers, parking, signage and trail markings. It also includes a discussion of safety and education programs, innovative roadway markings, bikeway fundamentals and funding sources. The CBSP complies with the most stringent requirements for bicycle funding programs.

OCTA encourages all cities and the County of Orange to apply for Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) funds. The BTA is administered by Caltrans.