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A Transit Master Plan for Orange County

Completed in 2018, the OC Transit Vision is a 20-year plan for enhancing and expanding public transit service in Orange County.



The Vision identifies near-term and long-term projects and programs that can make transit a more compelling travel option for Orange County residents and visitors. The Vision recognizes that transit is important for Orange County, both today and in the future. Transit can provide a sustainable, accessible, and affordable mobility option that serves different markets and travel needs in a variety of ways.

The projects outlined in the OC Transit Vision are grouped into three timeframes: short-term (2018-2022), mid-term (2023-2032), and long-term (2033+). This phasing approach recognizes the project development process for major capital investments, such as Bus Rapid Transit or extensions to OC Streetcar, as well as existing and projected OCTA revenues. The recommendations from the OC Transit Vision were included in OCTA’s Long-Range Transportation Plan.

The complete OC Transit Vision Report and State of OC Transit Report are provided below.