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2021 Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Disabled Grant Program

On July, 12, 2021 the OCTA Board of Directors approved the 2021 Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Disabled (EMSD) grant program and released a $4 million Call for Projects for fiscal year 2021-2022 through 2022-2023, which makes funding available for non-profit organizations and local public agencies to help meet the transportation needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities.

The program goals are to:
  • Improve the mobility for seniors and individuals with disabilities in Orange County.
  • Support local agencies and non-profits providing specialized service within their communities; thereby reducing the demand on ACCESS Service in the County.
  • Augment service gaps of the Senior Mobility Program (SMP), ACCESS and fixed-route service.
  • Provide seamless service through improved first and last mile connections.
  • Incorporate and encourage technology-based solutions to improve mobility options.
  • Promote non-profit and public agency outreach to senior and disabled patrons with an emphasis in reaching disadvantaged, underrepresented, and/or diverse communities to ensure that services are meeting their needs.
  • Prioritize funding for agencies that collaborate which is demonstrated by:
    • Partnerships to create efficiencies and lower operating costs for service, and/or
    • Increasing vehicle revenue hours beyond the minimum 10 hours.


The 2021 EMSD Grantee Workshop was held on Tuesday, January 25th. The recording and PPT presentation are provided below. The next Call for Projects cycle is anticipated in 2023.

Reporting, Invoicing, and Amendments


The estimated timeline below is subject to change:

Call for Applications Opens July 12, 2021
Grant Applicant Workshop July 26, 2021
EMSD Application Deadline September 9, 2021
Proposal Review and Scoring September-October 2021
OCTA Board Approval of the Projects November 22, 2021
Awarded Applicant Workshop December 7, 2021


Questions regarding this program can be directed to:

EMSD Program Managers

Denise Sifford
Senior Transportation Funding Analyst
(714) 560-5489 |

Louis Zhao
Section Manager, Discretionary Funding Programs
(714) 560-5494 |

Nora Yeretzian
Principal Marketing Specialist
(714) 560-5356 |

Joanne Jacobsen
Senior Community Transportation Coordinator