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Build a better business with vanpools.

Commuters Save Over $200 a Month While Riding in Style!

What is OC Vanpool?
OC Vanpool is a super carpool comprising groups of riders with common schedules and similar work and home destinations. Riders save money, time and stress on their commute. OCTA also provides a subsidy for this monthly commitment that utilizes vehicles that seat 7 to 15 passengers.

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How does Vanpool help employers?

Strengthen employee engagement, productivity, retention
Vanpools ease the attrition among long-distance commuters and attract talented people who live far from your worksite.
Reduce parking costs and congestion
Vanpools allow companies with parking problems to free up space and save money by decreasing vehicles arriving at the worksite.
Helps to meet South Coast AQMD requirements
Vanpools help companies with over 250 employees regulated by the South Coast Air Quality Management District.
Tax incentives
Employers can achieve a savings of up to 7.65% on average on payroll taxes when their employees enroll in a pre-tax commuter benefits program.
Ease pending relocation
Vanpools decrease stress among employees whose commute is lengthened by worksite relocation.
Go green and boost community initiatives
Your contributions to reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions can be provided upon request.

How will my employees benefit?

Save Money
Each vanpool participant can save $200 or more per month on gas, maintenance, insurance and personal vehicle depreciation.
Stress Less
Vanpoolers can share driving duties and use passenger time to nap, browse social media, catch up on work or watch videos on a vehicle's TV.
Save Time
Vanpoolers save time – up to a minute per mile – by using carpool and toll lanes.
How does OCTA help?

OCTA provides services that make vanpooling successful:

  • $400 monthly subsidy ($500 for qualified groups) per vanpool – equal to roughly 25% of the monthly fuel and lease costs
  • Guaranteed Ride Home for unplanned emergencies (2 incidents per year)
  • Support to implement, grow and maintain a corporate vanpool program – at no cost to employers
  • OCTA vanpools must remain open to the public in order to receive the subsidy so our staff can assist in finding riders from other employers when ridership is low
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Hear from Employers

"Implementing the vanpool program and starting up a new vanpool is easy! All you need are eligible riders who want to save gas money, ride in the carpool lane, and limit their environmental impact. OCTA and the vanpool vendors will work with you every step of the way."
"Having a vanpool program in place is a great rideshare option for our commuters in general, but especially for employees that travel long distance. Many of these commuters have shared that without the vanpool program in place, they would not able to work in our city."
City of Anaheim
"An vanpool program can enhance an employer's image to their employees without having the spend a lot of money. Our program is self-sufficient, meaning it pays for itself through employee payroll deductions. Our employees see it as as an added employer benefit."
University of California, Irvine

Implementing a Program

Implementing a vanpool program that benefits your company and employees is easy.
Identify Potential
The first step in implementing a program is identifying which employees will be a good fit for the program. Those who live longer distances from work near coworkers with a common schedule are ideal candidates.
Meet with Groups
Once we’ve identified potential vanpoolers, we’ll meet with them at your convenience at your business.
Form Vans
After the meetings, groups can decide to vanpool, carpool or not change their habits. If vans are formed, we will provide all customer service necessary for maintenance, insurance, billing and subsidy enrollment.

Ready to Start Vanpooling?

Get answers to your questions about joining a vanpool or implementing a program at your company by contacting OCTA’s Vanpool Program Specialist for more information.

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