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OCTA in a Diverse County

OCTA in a Diverse County

Welcome to the Diversity Outreach and Business Opportunities Program page. We at the Orange County Transportation Authority want to engage and interact with the many diverse communities of Orange County by increasing awareness of OCTA along with our bus system, freeway, streets, rail and other projects.

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We want to share information, identify mutual interests and create future partnerships with your community by establishing ongoing communications through this website and other ways. We hope to include everyone who wants to be involved in helping us develop and deliver transportation solutions to enhance quality of life and keep Orange County moving.

For nearly two years, OCTA has been actively working through its outreach program to build relationships with diverse communities to break down bureaucratic communication barriers.

With presentations, community meetings, outreach events and conferences, OCTA representatives have the opportunity to meet face‐to‐face with the members of the public whose support is essential to delivering on the agency’s promise of capital projects. Through its continued outreach efforts, OCTA is fostering relationships with numerous civic, social and business communities to serve an increasingly diverse population in Orange County that continues to grow and evolve.


OCTA is working with community and business leaders to develop a program that would enhance outreach efforts with the diverse communities in Orange County.

OCTA is developing closer working relationships with numerous groups and organizations that represent Orange County’s growing diversity.


Orange County along with the state of California is increasingly more diverse. The Orange County Transportation Authority is committed to providing its diverse community responsive, proactive and timely service.

This includes creating programs for meaningful dialogue and discussions to better meet the needs of the community as well as provide businesses with information they may need to more effectively compete for contracting opportunities at OCTA and other public agencies.

OCTA actively works to adhere to both Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the presidential executive order of environmental justice for equal opportunity and nondiscrimination.

OCTA’s goal is to enhance public engagement with the community with a robust outreach program for business professionals and community members at public meetings, workshops, conferences and other events throughout the community.

As beneficiaries of transportation services, these groups allow OCTA to more easily disseminate information about transportation plans, programs, improvements and projects to their members and stakeholders.

Through the business outreach program, OCTA builds on its past experience in helping small and minority-­owned businesses.

community impact
community impact


As Orange County’s population continues to grow and diversify, OCTA outreach efforts provide the agency an opportunity to better understand and respond to the public’s changing needs.

By building relationships with community organizations and businesses that serve specific groups and minorities, OCTA establishes a strong connection with leaders in the fastest- growing demographics in the county.

Continued community outreach will allow OCTA to align with the agency’s goals of engaging with the community for its many programs and projects.

Business outreach allows OCTA to organize a business conference largely with funds from sponsors. More than 500 business owners participated in the 2014 OCTA Business Expo on Oct. 23, 2014. Business owners were able to network and discover how to more effectively work with OCTA, private firms and other public agencies. The expo helps cultivate efficient business partnerships.

OCTA’s diversity outreach efforts create a readily available network with key communities and gain the support of leaders and stakeholders by being proactive, responsive and inclusive that will help break down communication barriers.


OCTA is either a member or associated with the following organizations to provide business opportunities to the business community:

  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of OC
  • Asian Business Association of OC
  • Black Chamber of Commerce of OC
  • Filipino Chamber of OC
  • Black Business Network of OC
  • Asian American Business Women Association
  • Inland Empire Asian Business Association
  • California Constructions Expo
  • Metropolitan Water District
  • L.A. Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • Asian American Senior Citizen Center
  • General Service Administration
  • Port of Long Beach
  • Small Business Administration of OC
  • Small Business Development Center
  • Minority Business Opportunity Association
  • Native Americans 
  • Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce

Quotes from community and business leaders

Orange County Transportation Authority is truly vital to our diverse communities — not just a ‘bus or transit’ company, but a real life vibrant force for transportation awareness, community education, job force opportunities and most importantly, transparent and open community meetings. From rail safety issues, to applying for the Measure M Taxpayers Oversight Committee, or just being part of the annual Business Expo every year, the Black Chamber of Orange County has been an ardent supporter and advocate for our OCTA.
Bobby McDonald, President of the Black Chamber of Orange County
We appreciate the OCTA's steadfast support of the Orange County business community. They are a great partner to work with. The OCTA keeps the entire community informed about important transportation and infrastructure issues here in Orange County.
Reuben Franco, President and CEO of the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce