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Save Over $200 a Month While Commuting in Style!

What is OC Vanpool?

OC Vanpool is a super carpool requiring a minimum of four riders with similar work destinations and schedules plus a designated pickup location. Riders save money, time and stress on their commute.

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Average savings is $200 or more.

Monthly Commute Costs

Monthly Commute Costs Vanpool Riders save on average $200 or more compared to driving alone or standard carpooling. 2 person carpool 3 person carpool Vanpool Driving alone $0 $200 $400 $600 $800 Monthly Commute Costs Vanpool Riders save on average $200 or more compared to driving alone or standard carpooling. 2 person carpool 3 person carpool Vanpool Driving alone $0 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $600 $700 $800

Driving alone/carpool source: IRS avg. cost per mile, 70 mile round trip commute

OCTA Covers Roughly 25% of the Cost!

OCTA and our contracted vehicle providers: The Perfect Partnership


OCTA subsidizes roughly 25% of the monthly costs and provides the Guaranteed Ride Home Program.

AVR Vanpool Commute with Enterprise Green Commuter

: All vehicles must be leased through one of our trusted, contracted vendors. Currently, AVR Vanpool, Commute with Enterprise and Green Commuter are our vendor options. They provide the vehicle leasing, maintenance, insurance and account management.

Vanpool is a great option if you...

  • Commute 15 or more miles each way to a worksite in Orange County
  • Maintain a set, full-time schedule that can be matched to other riders
  • Can ride with OC Vanpool 3-4 days per week (but not necessarily all 5 days)

Vanpool riders enjoy...

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Reduced stress

Share driving duties, and use your time in the passenger seat to enjoy things like reading a book and watching videos.

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More time

Breeze past traffic in the carpool lane and save as much as one minute per mile, so you can get home earlier.

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Less wear and tear

Prolong the life of your personal vehicle by using a leased vehicle for your commute, instead of your own.

Program Qualifications

  • Have a workplace destination in Orange County
  • Lease a vehicle from one of our contracted vendors
  • Have a minimum of four riders and seven-seat vehicle to begin
  • Complete required OCTA paperwork to apply
  • Report all monthly trips and expenses to OCTA by the 10th of the following month
  • Keep vehicle open to riders from outside employers and maintain 50% occupancy
Vanpool rider enjoying his phone
Vanpool riders enjoying a conversation

Reach out to your employer

Before starting your own vanpool or joining an existing one, reach out to your HR department to see if there are existing vanpools and/or employer incentives. Ask your HR team to contact our Vanpool Program Specialist, Kristopher Hewkin, at 714-560-5331 or to learn more about how the program can benefit the company and their employees.

“I have been driving/riding in the vanpool for 16 years and I think it is the best thing yet! I drove for the first 12 years, now I just get to sit back and relax, no better way to go!”

- Vanpool rider

“Vanpooling not only reduces costs for my commute but it created a new family for me, my vanpool family.”

- Vanpool rider

“I have been on a van since the day I started working with my company in 1984. My main reason is saving money. I might have given up a great job when the company moved and doubled my commute miles if it weren't for the vanpool.”

- Vanpool rider

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