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Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Confidence and Peace of Mind

Guaranteed Ride Home (otherwise known as GRH) provides commuters who have commuted to work by bus, train, carpool, vanpool, bike, or on foot with a FREE ride home when one of life’s unexpected emergencies arise.

Commuters may take advantage of GRH twice per year and OCTA will reimburse the cost of the ride. GRH is available to get home for unexpected emergencies such as a personal illness or a sick child. GRH can also be used for unscheduled overtime when your employer mandates that you must stay late.

Employer Qualifications

Employers who actively participate in the Vanpool, E-Pass, AVR Processing, or Metrolink Corporate Programs are eligible to participate in the Guaranteed Ride Home Program.

To apply and be accepted – employers must have two designated employees onsite to administer the GRH Program.

How it Works:

  1. Employee contacts their company representative (such as ETC or HR).
  2. A company representative or the employee contacts a service provider to set up the ride.
  3. An authorization form, including supporting documentation, must be submitted for reimbursement after the trip