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  • SoCal Explorer Rewards

  • Ride. Redeem. Repeat.
  • Introducing a new rewards program for all Metrolink riders!

    Take a ride on Metrolink, earn points towards another. It’s easy and it’s free. You can now earn points for every mile you travel on Metrolink, then redeem them for free tickets. It’s Metrolink’s way of giving back to riders.

    For a limited time, you’ll receive 750 free SoCal Explorer points when you sign up. (That’s enough points for a free round-trip ticket!)

    How It Works

    It’s easy to turn your everyday trips into free tickets. The more you travel, the quicker you earn and redeem points for more.

    Points & Rewards

    As a SoCal Explorer member you’ll earn 1 point per mile and during your weekend adventures you earn 50 points no matter where your trip takes you.

    ONE-WAY TICKET 1 point/mile 500
    ROUND-TRIP TICKET 1 point/mile 750
    5-DAY FLEX PASS 1 point/mile 5000
    7-DAY PASS 1 point/mile 5000
    MONTHLY PASS* 1 point/mile 12500
    *Points earned are calculated using the driving distance in miles between the origin and destination stations. Monthly passes assume 20 round-trips in a calendar month.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • SoCal Explorer is a rewards program that allows you to earn points traveling on Metrolink. They can later redeem those points for free Metrolink tickets. SoCal Explorer members will also be eligible for discounts at partner restaurants, retailers and attractions.
    • Yes. Learn more about our partners here: Metrolink will continue to add partners as the program evolves.
    • Riders will earn one point per driving mile between the origin and destination stations shown on your Metrolink tickets. For weekend tickets you earn 50 points no matter where your trip takes you.
    • Points can be redeemed for tickets based upon a flat points structure. For those who sign up by Dec. 31, 2020, the points structure for redemption is as follows:

      • Free One-way ticket: 500 points
      • Free Round-trip ticket: 750 points
      • Free 5-Day Flex Pass: 5,000 points
      • Free 7-Day Pass: 5,000 points
      • Free Monthly Pass: 12,500 points
      • Free Weekend Day Pass: 600 points
    • Anyone 16 years of age or older at the time of registration can be a member! All you need to earn points is to submit your Metrolink tickets.
    • No. This is a new Metrolink program. As a member, you will start to earn points on tickets purchased as of your registration date. You will get 750 free points deposited in your account just for signing up!
    • If you sign up before December 31, 2020, you will receive 750 points that you can redeem for a free round-trip ticket on the SoCal Explorer website.
    • Not at this time. In the future, we may add other fun ways members can earn points through participation in the program.
    • If you use the Metrolink Mobile app and sign into SoCal Explorer using the email address you use to log into the Metrolink Mobile app, the tickets you purchase through the Metrolink Mobile app will automatically earn points and be credited to your SoCal Explorer account.

      If you use paper tickets, you will need to take a photo of your paper tickets, add the date you purchased and upload them to your SoCal Explorer account.

      You can find the instructions here:

    • You can only upload one paper ticket image at a time. Points will automatically be applied for ticket purchases made in the mobile app.
    • No, your SoCal Explorer points will not expire. Save them up to get a free monthly pass or redeem a ticket to give to a friend.
    • Yes. Please upload your tickets as soon as you make your purchase. Nothing can prevent another rider from finding a lost ticket and claiming it if you have not already uploaded its image.
    • You will see your points within your SoCal Explorer account in two to five days.
    • It will automatically show up in your mobile app wallet within a few minutes after you redeem it. Redeem for your free ticket at least an hour before you plan to travel just to be on the safe side.
    • When you are logged into your SoCal Explorer account, take a picture of your ticket. On the menu, select UPLOAD TICKETS and then click Browse to choose the saved image. Enter the Purchase Date of the ticket and select SUBMIT.
    • Yes. On the REDEEM TICKETS page, select PAPER TICKET, choose your Ticket Type and then select SUBMIT. You will then be provided with a promotional code that you can use at a ticket machine at your nearest station to get your free ticket.
    • New Metrolink rewards are coming soon! Stay tuned!
    • We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble. You can call or text us at: 800-371-5465 (LINK). We’ll have someone respond to your issue as soon as possible.
    • You can call or text us at: 800-371-5465 (LINK). We’ll have someone respond to your issue as soon as possible.
    • SoCal Explorer members will have 60 days to use the tickets they redeem, except for the 5-Day Flex Pass. Members will need to use their 5-Day Flex Pass within 30 days of redeeming the pass.
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