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SR-55 (I-405 to I-5) Improvement Project

McFadden Avenue Construction Updates


Construction Activities

To accommodate freeway improvements, a new drainage system is being installed and new retaining walls will be constructed adjacent to the Kenyon Pointe and El Paseo communities.

Construction generally occurs on weekdays, Monday through Friday, between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. However, some night and weekend work may be required. Construction crews will access the work areas from the freeway side.

Drainage System

A new drainage system is being constructed along northbound SR-55 adjacent to the Kenyon Pointe and El Paseo properties. Crews are currently constructing the new drainage system and will remove the existing drainage system once the new one is in place.

Retaining Walls

Contractors will demolish the existing wall and construct a new retaining wall with a sound wall on top of it. A sound wall will serve as a noise barrier to the neighboring communities. Construction began in March 2024 and is expected to take 2 ½ years.

The new retaining wall/sound wall will be approximately 30’ tall and nearly 900’ long, extending along northbound SR-55 adjacent to the El Paseo and Kenyon properties to the McFadden Avenue off-ramp. In addition, a 16’ tall adjoining sound wall around the curve at the McFadden Avenue off-ramp will also be constructed.

sound wall on top of retaining wall
Additionally, contractors are constructing a new retaining wall south of the El Paseo property, along northbound SR-55 between Edinger Avenue and the railroad. Construction began in November 2023 and will take approximately two years to complete.
Temporary Fence

Contractors installed a temporary fence in the alleyway to create work areas for crews on Monday, Feb. 12. Parking in the alleyway is prohibited. Vehicle access to some garages is restricted because part of the fence is within the alleyway. The fence will be removed after the wall is constructed.

Questions pertaining to garage access can be directed to the Outreach team at 888-371-2555 or

temporary fence
temporary fence

Community Impacts

Residents may experience noise and vibration throughout construction from excavation, demolition, and drilling activities. Noise may also be generated from back-up alarms from construction equipment; the alarms are required by state regulation. Crews will also use lights during evening or early morning operations, as needed.

Access to SR-55 and I-5

The Project includes regional improvements at the SR-55/I-5 interchange that will be implemented at the end of the construction. To improve safety and reduce congestion and delays, the McFadden Avenue on-ramp will only allow motorists to proceed to northbound I-5. Motorists using the on-ramp will not be able to merge left onto northbound SR-55 or southbound I-5. Read more in the FAQs.

Routes to NB SR-55 and SB I-5

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a regional improvement that will reduce congestion and delays by eliminating the weaving and merging near the SR-55/I-5 interchange.

Motorists traveling on northbound SR-55 will still be able to merge right to access the northbound and southbound I-5 connectors. Motorists using the McFadden Avenue on-ramp will only be able to access the northbound I-5 connector and must use alternate routes to access northbound SR-55 or southbound I-5.

freeway access

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The improvements will take effect when the Project is completed in 2026.

To access northbound SR-55: Take Newport Avenue to the northbound I-5 ramp and stay in the right lane to access the northbound SR-55 connector.

To access southbound I-5: Take Newport Avenue to Nisson Road and turn right, then turn left on Red Hill Avenue and turn right to access the southbound I-5 on-ramp.

alternative routes

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OCTA’s Outreach team will be sending email notifications, posting information on project social media platforms, hosting neighborhood meetings and participating in local events to inform the public of the improvements and construction activities.

Yes. In addition, an interpreter will be present at neighborhood meetings. If you would like to request information in another language, please contact the Outreach team at 888-371-2555 or email

Visit or sign up for the McFadden Avenue Interest List to receive emails about construction activities and upcoming neighborhood meetings.

Community Outreach

The Public Outreach team holds monthly project information booths, host booths at community events and offers project briefings to local groups and organizations. Hablamos español.

Sign up here to receive updates to keep informed about the latest work happening in your community or upcoming booth events. Select the box for “McFadden Avenue.”