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Telework for Commuters

Teleworking, sometimes known as telecommuting, is the practice of working from home instead of traveling to a centralized workplace, office, or other facility. This practice completely eliminates commuting on days when it occurs. Some employers offer teleworking full time, while others do so on a part-time basis. OCTA is committed to removing cars from the road and teleworking helps achieve the organizational goal of reducing vehicle miles traveled.


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Save Money
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Regain Usable Time
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Increase Productivity
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Decrease Stress
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Reduce Carbon Footprint

Save Money – The commuting costs of fuel, vehicle maintenance, intangible vehicle depreciation, and transit are eliminated. Insurance companies may also trim premiums based on decreased travel. It is estimated that you can save $1,456 annually by eliminating a moderate commute*.

Increase Productivity – 35-40% higher employee productivity was reported by teleworkers in a study conducted by Global Workplace Analytics.

Reduce Carbon Footprint – Teleworking reduces environmental impacts because there are no emissions.
Regain Usable Time – Orange County roundtrip commutes average one to two hours daily. Based on the same moderate commute above*, 390 hours per year can be saved by teleworking full-time.

Decrease Stress – Eliminating time spent in stop-and-go traffic can reduce stress significantly. Stress associated with commutes has been attributed to many adverse health conditions.

*Assuming an individual commutes 5 days per week, 40 miles roundtrip per day commute, $3.50 per gallon gas price, a midsize vehicle and 90 minutes on the road per day.

Tips for Success

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Maintain Your Morning Routine
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Plan Out Your Day
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Carve Out Office Space
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Set Up Expectations with Family Members
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Take a Walk to Break Up Your Day

Maintain Your Morning Routine – Taking a shower, getting dressed, and eating breakfast can jumpstart a productive work-from-home day rather than staying in pajamas all day.

Carve Out Office Space – Dedicating a space – even a corner of your living room – can help you feel more productive and focused. out our Home Office Safetylist to make sure your workspace is optimal.

Take a Walk to Break Up Your Day – make sure to get some fresh air to help prevent burnout.
Plan Out Your Day – Prioritize your tasks with a “to-do list” and set your day up for success.

Set Up Expectations with Family Members – Discuss your need for minimal distractions and quiet time with your housemates.

Productivity and Wellness Resources

Resources for Teleworking Parents