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91 express lanes

Toll Policies

Congestion Management Pricing

The 91 Express Lanes uses congestion management pricing to optimize traffic at free-flowing speeds. To accomplish this, hourly traffic volumes are continually monitored. Toll adjustments are triggered through increases and decreases in traffic demand and may move up or down.

Rates are raised when hourly traffic is consistently too heavy and there is a potential for traffic congestion. Times when traffic volumes consistently reach a trigger point where traffic flow can become unstable are known as “super peak” hours. Given the capacity constraints during these hours, pricing is used to manage demand. When traffic volume falls, tolls may also be adjusted downward to stimulate demand.

Once an hourly toll is adjusted, it is frozen for six months. This approach balances traffic engineering with good public policy. Other (non-super peak) toll prices are adjusted annually by inflation.

Signs at each entry point display toll rates for travel on the entire 18 miles or the individual Orange or Riverside county sections. The rate displayed at the time of entry is the price charged. Current toll rate schedules are available for easy reference and travel planning.

Three Ride Free

Three Ride Free encourages carpooling by allowing a group of three or more commuters per vehicle to travel the 91 Express Lanes for free except when traveling eastbound, Monday through Friday between the hours of 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. At these times, carpools of three or more can still save money by earning a 50 percent discount on the posted toll.

To receive the carpool discount, motorists must have a valid FasTrak® account with a properly mounted transponder and enter the toll point in both the Orange County and Riverside County sections through the far left HOV3+ lane.