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Public Committees

Current Members

Associate Community Relations Specialist
(714) 560-5643 |
Director/Public Member
1 Sandra Albear Braille Institute of America 2023 Andrew Do
1 Appointment Pending TBD 2023 Andrew Do
1 Henry Michaels Ashlings Residential Villa 2023 Patrick Harper
1 Appointment Pending TBD 2024 Patrick Harper
1 Jim Nguyen AlzOC 2024 Steve Jones
1 Mario Ortega Abrazar, Inc. 2023 Steve Jones
2 Scott Quinlan Lions District 4-L4/ Fountain Valley Accessibility Committee/ Blinded Veterans Association 2024 Jessie Lopez
2 Lawrence Klein Santa Ana Resident 2024 Jessie Lopez
2 Arturo Cazares Regional Center of Orange County 2024 Jon Dumitru
2 Raymond Bueche Coordinator of Transition Services, Saddleback Valley Unified School District 2023 Jon Dumitru
2 Appointment Pending TBD 2024 Vicente Sarmiento
2 Cesar Hernandez Transportation Solutions 2024 Vicente Sarmiento
3 Richard King Committee for Persons with Disabilities, Fountain Valley 2024 Don Wagner
3 Ellen Schenk State of California Department of Rehabilitation 2024 Don Wagner
3 Sandy Rains Laguna Niguel City Council 2024 Farrah N. Khan
3 Ericka Danczak County of Orange Office on Aging 2024 Farrah N. Khan
3 Sue Lau Polio Survivors Plus, AARP 2024 Gene Hernandez
3 Appointment Pending TBD 2023 Gene Hernandez
4 Appointment Pending TBD 2024 Doug Chaffee
4 Paul Miller Disability Support Services, Emeritus California State University, Fullerton 2023 Doug Chaffee
4 Wayne Heidle Marshall B. Ketchum University 2024 Fred Jung
4 Oscar Valadez Fullerton Resident 2024 Fred Jung
4 Appointment Pending TBD 2024 Jose Diaz
4 Appointment Pending TBD 2024 Jose Diaz
5 John Ulrich Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce 2024 Brian Goodell
5 Tom Krogstad Senior and Special Needs Advocate 2023 Brian Goodell
5 Pam Thompson Saddleback Unified School District 2024 Jamey Federico
5 Sandra Stang Housing and Transportation Committee / Senior Citizens Advisory Council 2023 Jamey Federico
5 Appointment Pending TBD 2024 Katrina Foley
5 Jon Peat Cypress Council Member 2024 Katrina Foley
Public Member Appointment Pending TBD 2024 Michael Hennessey
Public Member Isaac López Advocate for Persons with Disabilities 2024 Michael Hennessey
Public Member Meredith Chillemi LeadingAge 2024 Tam Nguyen
Public Member Brandi Kelly Contreras City of Huntington Beach 2023 Tam Nguyen