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  • Chinatown is a festive destination for dining and shopping. Pagoda-style buildings with red lanterns house traditional Chinese restaurants, dim sum houses, bakeries, galleries and gift shops. The Taoist Thien Hau Temple is a dramatic focal point. Foodies head to creative Asian-fusion eateries or the landmark Philippe the Original, lauded for its French dip sandwich.

    Dim Sum

    Starting Point

    When you arrive in Chinatown, start at the Central Plaza on N. Broadway. You’ll be enchanted by the quaint walkways, strands of lanterns overhead and the tiny shops filled with far-away treasures. In the Central Plaza look for the distinctive “Gate of Filial Piety,” a wishing well dating to 1939 and a five-tired pagoda.

    Getting here from the station
    Chinatown’s Centra Plaza is just .7 miles from the station. Take Alameda north, then head west on Ord Street to N. Broadway.

    Sweets for the Sweet

    If you have a sweet tooth you’ll love the bakeries in Chinatown. One of the most famous is the Phoenix Bakery. It is the oldest and largest bakery in Chinatown.

    Getting Here
    The bakery is just one block north of the Central Plaza on N. Broadway.

    Chinatown Eats!

    There are many places to dine in Chinatown. As you stroll around the shops and markets you’ll discover many options. Metrolink offers a savings at the historic Phillipe the Original.

    Some dining favorites
    East Garden Restaurant
    Katsu Sando
    Little Jewel of New Orleans
    Pearl River Deli
    Phillippe the Original
    Pho Saigon Republic
    Pho 87
    Wok Kok
    Yang Chow

    More Places to Explore

    Beyond the restaurants, boutiques, bars and bakeries you’ll find some unique places to explore. The Thien Hau Temple is a Taoist temple that is popular for sightseeing and worshiping. Or, if you want a bit of history, visit the Chinese American Museum on your way back to Union Station. It is part of the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historic Monument.

    Historic Los Angeles Union Station

    Prepare to be amazed when you arrive at LA Union Station. Built in 1939, it is the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States and is widely regarded as “the last of the great train stations.” The station’s signature Mission Moderne style makes it one of L.A.’s architectural gems. LA Union Station has been the location of movies, television dramas and most recently the 2021 Oscars. Before you head off on your adventure be sure to take a stroll. You might just wander into an impromptu concert!

    Station history
    Station details

    Train schedules
    We always suggest when planning your adventure to check the Metrolink train schedule to LA Union Station. While this station is the Metrolink hub, only the Orange Line serves this station from Orange County.

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