OC ACCESS Service - Same Day Taxi

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  • OC ACCESS Same-Day Taxi

  • Same-Day Taxi Service

    OCTA offers a non-ADA Same-Day Taxi Program to OC ACCESS-eligible customers. OCTA subsidizes up to five miles for a same-day taxi trip. You pay the OC ACCESS base fare of $3.60 for a five-mile ride; any additional costs above the five-mile trip are paid by the OC ACCESS customer in addition to the base fare of $3.60.

    For example, for a four-mile ride, you would pay only the OC ACCESS base fare of $3.60. For a ride eight miles long, you would pay the OC ACCESS base fare of $3.60 plus the cost of the three miles beyond what is subsidized.

    This service is perfect for quick trips to locations like the pharmacy. Same-Day Taxi Service can be used, just like OC ACCESS, for any trip type.

    How do I schedule a Same Day Taxi Trip?

    On the day you want to take the trip, call the Same Day Taxi Call Center between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. at 877‑628‑2232 ext. 7, for TDD/TTY, call 800‑564‑4232.

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