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SR-91 Lane Addition Project (SR-241 to I-15)

Freeway improvements that cross county lines require close coordination to maintain seamless travel. This project adds one general-purpose lane (bringing the total to 6 lanes in each direction) on SR-91 between SR-241 and I-15.

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Project Overview

Since the SR-91 corridor is one of the busiest in the region, implementation of this project requires constructing the improvements under multiple segments to minimize impacts to the traveling public. While the portion of this project between SR-241 and the Orange County/Riverside County line is part of OCTA’s OC Go Project J, the matching segment between the county line and SR-71 is part of RCTC’s Measure A. The 6th lane addition requires joint implementation to ensure smooth delivery of the project. To assist with coordination, RCTC included the 6th lane project into the RCTC Corridor Improvement Project between the Riverside/Orange County line to SR-241, which included several components.

On March 20, 2017, the general-purpose lane between SR-71 and I-15 was completed by RCTC as part of the $1.3 billion initial phase freeway improvement project which extended the 91 Express Lanes from its terminus in Orange County to I-15 in Riverside County and provided tolled express connectors between SR-91 and I-15. With significant SR-91 freeway improvements taking place as a result of both counties sales tax measures, the construction of the final additional general-purpose lane between SR-241 and SR-71 was anticipated to take place post-2035. However, RCTC has requested OCTA’s support accelerating a portion of the ultimate project in the westbound direction to address a bottleneck issue occurring in the City of Corona. With OCTA’s support, RCTC has initiated westbound SR-91 improvements called the 91 Corridor Operation Project to look at initiating the project sooner. Discussions and coordination between OCTA and RCTC are ongoing. In addition, OCTA and RCTC will be jointly conducting an alternative analysis to determine how best to implement a 6th general-purpose lane in the eastbound direction between SR-241 and SR-71, while minimizing environmental and construction impacts.

This project is part of the OC Go program. OC Go (also known as Measure M), is a 30-year half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements in Orange County through 2041. After experiencing the success and progress of M1, nearly 70% of Orange County voters renewed the half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements to launch OC Go in 2011.