SR-91 Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan - SR-91 Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan

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  • SR-91 Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan Study

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    The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) studied a 23-mile stretch of State Route 91 (SR-91), located in the County of Orange from the Los Angeles to Riverside county lines. The goal of the SR-91 Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan Study was to improve mobility options and provide transportation choices on and around the corridor while preserving the character of the local communities. For instance, making improvements to a Metrolink station or implementing limited-stop bus service could help relieve congestion on the SR-91.


    SR-91 is an essential travel corridor and a major source of employment, entertainment/recreation venues, and academia generating high traffic volumes ranging from 225,000 to 325,000 vehicles per day. The corridor is largely built-out with residential, business, and developments continuing to put pressure on public transportation and increasing the need for mobility choices.

    The study provided a vision for the corridor and considered several goals and objectives.

    • encouraging multimodal projects by improving transit and rail service and active transportation (biking/walking)
    • improving system operations, efficiency, and air quality
    • preserving the characteristic of the corridor
    • reducing vehicle miles traveled

    The final report can be viewed here.

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