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    Your friend on the freeways

    Orange County freeways can be stressful in the best of times, but add traffic and a mechanical problem and you could be in dire need of assistance–and a friendly face. Which is where the Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) steps in. We’re a special team of tow trucks that travel Orange County’s freeways during peak commuting hours to help motorists with disabled vehicles. Our job is to keep the freeways moving and reduce congestion by quickly removing disabled vehicles.

    Best of all, FSP services are free to motorists. From a jump start to a gallon of gas, or simply changing a flat tire, our trucks and drivers help people get back on the road. They'll even help take vehicles to a safe location off the freeway without charge.

    The FSP program began in 1992 in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The Orange County Transportation Authority manages the program and the CHP provides dispatch, oversees operation of the contracted tow companies, and provides field services whenever law enforcement is required.

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact Motorist Services at, or provide your comment online.

    To complete the Freeway Service Patrol customer survey, please visit

    FSP Operating Hours

    Monday through Friday:

    • 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
    • 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
    • 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (major congested interchanges and adjacent freeways)

    Saturday and Sunday

    • 10:30 am to 7:00 pm
    • SR-91 East End, to Green River Drive;
    • SR-22, SR-57, I-5 Interchanges
    • I-5 South-End, to Christianitos Road

    FSP Does not Operate During the Following Holidays:

    • New Year’s
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Veteran’s Day
    • Thanksgiving and Day After Thanksgiving
    • Last Week of December for Holiday Break
    • New Year’s Day

    Service Area

    Service Area Map

    Download Map - Available Time of Services


    Safety Tips

    It is always good to know what to do while waiting for help to arrive. Here are some safety basics recommended by the California Highway Patrol:

    1. If you can, move your vehicle onto the right shoulder out of traffic lanes.
    2. If involved in a traffic collision, move your vehicle to a safe location if possible before exchanging insurance information.
    3. Stay inside your vehicle with your seat belt on until help arrives. If you must exit the vehicle, stay as far away from the roadway as possible.
    4. Use added caution in bad weather since a passing motorist could lose control of their vehicle

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Because there are always questions, here are some answers to the basic questions we hear the most.

    • What services can the Orange County FSP provide?

      If your vehicle stops running, the FSP can help by:

      • Offering you a gallon of gas if you ran out
      • Jump start your dead battery
      • Refill your radiator and make minor hose repairs
      • Change a flat tire 
    • What if the FSP can’t get my vehicle running?

      It will be towed from the freeway free of charge to a pre-designated on-street location.

    • If my vehicle is towed to one of these locations, will the FSP help me get to a phone?

      Yes. The FSP will take you to the nearest phone so you can notify a friend, relative or auto club.

    • How will I recognize the FSP?

      All FSP tow trucks are white with the FSP logo on the doors. Drivers wear blue uniforms and bright yellow-green safety vests with the FSP logo.

    • Are Orange County FSP drivers certified?

      Yes. Drivers receive their certification only after completing a CHP training program.

    • Can the FSP tow me to a private repair facility?

      No. FSP only tows vehicles to locations identified by the CHP. The FSP is not permitted to recommend other tow companies or repair facilities.

    • Which freeways do the Orange County FSP patrol?

      Check the map for FSP coverage..

    • What happens if FSP is unavailable or if my needs are beyond what FSP may provide?

      If FSP service is unavailable or if the need is beyond what the FSP provides, 511 may assist a motorist by helping to arrange service through their Club Towing, the CHP Rotation Tow program, or by contacting a Friend or Family Member.

    • What Is The CHP Rotation Tow program?

      The CHP Rotation Tow Program allows licensed and approved members of the towing industry to participate in a rotational tow list managed through the California Highway Patrol. The purpose of the program is to equitably distribute highway-related service calls from the public when other services are not available or appropriate and ensure that the public receives ethical and fair treatment from private tow companies who participate in the program.

      The CHP Rotation Tow Program services are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

      There is a charge for Rotation Tow Program services. Rotation Tow providers are to make rates available to customers upon request. PLEASE REQUEST SERVICE RATES WHEN THE ROTATION TOW PROVIDER ARRIVES.

      Tow operators are not required to accept checks but are required by law to accept a valid credit or debit card.

      To learn more about the CHP Rotation Tow Program visit

    • Click here for Freeway Service Patrol Fact Sheet

    Customer Comments

    The FSP and its Operators receive compliments every day. “Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us your feedback - it's much appreciated!"

    • 9/10/21
      We were on the freeway and had a blow out to our back tire. An FSP Operator approached our car. I thought he was an Angel sent from Heaven. A very kind, helpful person who handled the whole job by himself. Gave us orders to remain safe. I just want to say, he did not accept our donation or even a drink of water. He was the kindest and most special person we have met in the longest time. I want to let you know what a terrific person he was to us. He needs a big praise for the job he does and the dangerous position he could be in at a time as we were in. Thank you for hiring people who care for people like him.
      Evangeline E.

    • 8/12/21
      On Thursday 08/12/2021 at around 6:30 PM I was driving on the 57 SB towards Pomona when I got a flat tire. I was assisted by a Freeway Service Patrol agent who helped by replacing the tire. I was very grateful for the service provided by the agent and wanted to commend him for the assistance. He was very professional and friendly and even offered a tip but he denied. I had pulled over to the side of the freeway and within three minutes he arrived to help me.

    • 8/6/21
      The FSP Operator was awesome. My car overheated and so I pulled over on the side of the 91 Freeway. The FSP Operator came out of nowhere and took me and my car to a safe pick up location. I was only on the side of the freeway for about 5 minutes and next thing I knew, the Operator was there to save the day. I just want to say thank you again to the Operator for being awesome.
      Alisha H.

    • 8/4/21
      The caller stated on Wednesday, 8/4/2021 he was travelling on the 57 Northbound freeway and experienced getting a flat tire and a broken rim after unknowingly running over a piece of metal that was in the freeway around 4:20 PM. The caller stated that he pulled over about a mile after Imperial Highway and FSP arrived to help change his tire for him. The caller stated that he was assisted by an FSP Operator and wanted to compliment him for the help he provided and to also thank him once again!
      Santiago S.

    • 8/3/21
      I wanted to bring to your attention the fine work one of your tow operators performed for us today on a Traffic Collision NB I5/I405. The FSP Operator had arrived at the traffic collision prior to extricating all the patients. One of the vehicles was causing us some extrication issues, and when asked, the FSP Operator had no problem jumping into action and pulling the other vehicle away allowing us greater and safer access to the two remaining patients in the other vehicle. His actions made a positive difference on this incident for us and the patients.

    • 7/30/21
      I wasn't the person who called for service and to be honest I am not even sure of the exact date this happened. But I am a surgeon, and on my way to surgery I encountered a Tesla in the left lane of the 405 NB offramp that had jumped the ramp and was perched on the divider slope onto the 405 NB onramp. I stopped to help. It was another physician who I didn't know. The Operator arrived shortly after and expertly and professionally manuevered the Tesla back onto the offramp. As best I could tell there was no damage to the other person's Tesla. Now after the fact I've learned that FSP operators aren't supposed to accept tips, but I personally feel the gracious classy thing to do is to offer a tip in that situation. I tried to offer the Operator a tip and because of his integrity, he didn't even allow me to mention it. That kind of work ethic and integrity is so rare these days. He's one of the good ones and the type of hardworking person who helps people that makes this country so great. Please give him a pat on the back for me and let him know he does a vital job in a way that makes people's days better.
      Survey I.D. # 12859263778

    • 7/23/21
      I have seen your trucks before but did not know how they operate. I wasn't sure if I had to pay or not. I had told your operator that I had been waiting for AAA but their dispatcher misdirected my order and I had been waiting a long time. He asked to change my tire and I told him he did not have to, that I could wait for new driver to be sent out. Your operator said he wanted to help me so I could get back on the road. I told him I did not have any cash to pay him or even give him a tip and he said he did not need any of that and he handed me your brochure. Your operator was such a lifesaver. He was also so kind and professional. I will be praying for your drivers. Their job is not an easy one on today's highways and my family and I so appreciate what he did for me that day. Thank you again!!!
      Survey I.D. # 12841101629

    • 7/23/21
      I’m very thankful for this service, the FSP Operator was very knowledgeable and helpful! FSP Operator educated me on using 511 in the future and provided brochures. I’m coming off a 12-hour shift, I was having such a rough day and this operator came out of nowhere to assist me. I’m seriously so grateful. Operator checked all my tires for me and was fast and efficient when changing my tire. Very helpful service and I’m glad I have this information now.
      Survey I.D. # 12841073444

    • 7/9/21
      The FSP Operator was a godsend! My tire popped for the first time and I was panicking on the freeway. I drove to the side of the road and this man pulled up right behind me to help me! He was so calm and courteous, and helped explain the process. He was quick and efficient and so very kind!!! He encouraged me to sit in my car and put the AC on for myself while he was outside in the blazing heat working tirelessly to ensure my safety. I offered him gratuity to thank him and he said he wasn’t allowed to accept it.
      Survey I.D. # 12809538172

    • 7/2/21
      This FSP operator was an Angel. I couldn’t get a hold of roadside assistance and was panicking because I felt that I was in danger. Within 10 mins of my car breaking down and still being on hold with AAA, I looked up above and saw the FSP tow truck. This woman was so incredibly caring, kind and I felt immediately safe and relieved when I got into the tow truck. She quite possibly saved my life if I had been stuck on the side of the road for longer. I am so thankful for her and FSP service that I didn’t even know existed.
      Survey I.D. # 12791818561

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