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  • Security Tips

  • When you board an OCTA bus, you’re more protected than you think. Between a video surveillance system and quick access to law enforcement, help can arrive within a matter of minutes. But we also need your assistance. What you see could help save lives. So if you see anything suspicious, please contact your driver immediately or call 911.

    Key numbers for security concerns
    Emergencies – Police Department: 911
    Non-emergencies – Sheriff’s Dispatch: 714-647-7000

    Suspicious Activity
    Familiarize yourself with the following signs of suspicious activity and report people who are:

    • In an unauthorized or restricted area
    • Loitering, staring or watching employees and passengers
    • Pacing, nervous or jumpy
    • Abandoning items and quickly departing
    • Acting in a disorderly manner or disturbing others
    • Photographing equipment or secure areas
    • Carrying a weapon or appearing to have a weapon
    • Wearing clothing that is extremely inappropriate for the weather, such as a heavy coat on a hot day

    Suspicious Packages
    Most unattended items may simply be lost or left behind. However, look for the following characteristics and report suspicious items to transit officials or the police:

    • Placement in an out-of-the-way location
    • Attached batteries, wires, tanks, bottles or bags that might contain chemicals or explosives
    • An attached message
    • A suspicious cloud, mist, gas, vapor, odor or seeping fluid
    • Nearby individuals showing signs of illness or distress

    Help keep our buses safe and clean!

    It takes a team to make sure our buses remain clean and free of graffiti. Our toll-free tip line allows you to play a role in keeping things clean. If you see somebody causing damage of any kind to the interior of an OCTA bus never take the law into your own hands. Instead, please do one of the following:

    • Alert the coach operator, only when the bus has come to a stop
    • Call toll free at 877-99-NO TAG / 877-996-6824
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