55 Newport Blvd Study - Benefits and Processes

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  • Benefits and Processes

  • Study Benefits
    This study evaluated those alternatives that best accommodate movements of cars, buses, and pedestrians. The alternatives balanced the benefits of improved mobility with potential fiscal, business, and community impacts, to arrive at recommendations that can be understood and accepted by the Newport - Costa Mesa community.

    Study Process
    This effort was a continuation of the 2008 SR-55 Access Study, which identified four alternatives for further study (No Build, TSM, Elevated Turn Lanes, and Cut and Cover). The effort analyzed these alternatives in greater depth and identified initial scope, schedule, and cost considerations for the next phase of the project development process — completion of an environmental document.

    Based upon both technical analysis and public input, the study team conducted business surveys, examined traffic data, prepared cost estimates, and considered potential environmental impacts. This study will serve as a precursor document to the next phase, which will include a full Project Report and Environmental Document. At that point, the remaining alternatives are looked at in even greater detail along with a full environmental assessment and extensive public involvement program, resulting in selection of a locally preferred alternative.

    Currently, no funding has been identified for the next phase of the study or for the ultimate project improvements selected. However, the completion of the SR-55 Newport Boulevard Improvements Study allows the City of Costa Mesa to move potential improvements through the planning process.

    Throughout this effort, OCTA and its partner agencies worked with project stakeholders to collect feedback about the alternatives. A Stakeholder Working Group was formed to facilitate public involvement and encourage dialogue, which helped inform the technical analysis.

    In addition, the project team conducted interviews with major businesses to help understand the possible impacts by project alternatives.

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