Programming Resources

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  • Programming Resources

    Resources for local, federal, and state programmed funds

    • Caltrans Division of Transportation Programming provides useful information for the state and federal programming processes. 

    • In accordance with both state and federal requirements, the Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) describes the various procedures required to process Federal and State funded local transportation projects. 

    • Prior to beginning highway work for which federal reimbursement will be requested, the project or project phase must be formally authorized (approved) by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Through the E-76 Authorization to Proceed, the local agency will be able to acquire federal reimbursement. 

    • All capital and non-capital transportation projects or identified phases of transportation projects in the State of California must be included in the FTIP. The OCTA FTIP database, OC Fundtracker, is listed below. 
    • The Southern California Association of Governments’ (SCAG) Transportation Finance Program seeks to optimize the region's transportation systems by planning for the long-term financial needs of the region.
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