Railroad Crossing Enhancements - Rail Safety

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  • Rail Safety

  • OCTA implemented a robust and comprehensive outreach program to increase rail safety awareness throughout Orange County. Between the months of January and October 2011, nearly 80 deaths occurred in California from train-related incidents. You can be rail safe by following the simple steps below to be smart around trains.

    Stay off the tracks.
    Tracks are for trains. They are private property. Walking, jogging or playing on or near the train tracks is considered trespassing and is illegal.

    Look out for trains.
    Trains will not always sound warning horns. Many cities have established quiet zones in residential and business areas along the tracks, so trains are no longer sounding their horns, unless there is an emergency. As a pedestrian, you should always stop, look and listen for a train before crossing the tracks at designated pedestrian crossings.

    Pay attention to signs.
    Warning signs save lives. Approach all crossings with care, and do not ignore any warning signs or gates.

    Never try to beat a train.
    Trains can take up to a half-mile to come to a complete stop. Trains cannot swerve to avoid people or cars and cannot stop quickly enough to avoid a collision. As a motorist, you should only cross the tracks if you are sure your vehicle can completely clear the crossing without stopping.

    If your vehicle stalls on the tracks:
    Get out immediately.
    Get away. Evacuate your vehicle and move away from the tracks to a safe location. If your vehicle is hit, debris will fly in the same direction the train is moving.
    Report the incident. Once safely away from the tracks, call 911 or (888) 446-9721 and be prepared to tell the operator your location.

    Be Rail Safe in Your Community

    OCTA is committed to keeping Orange County safe around train tracks. If you are interested in scheduling a Be Rail Safe presentation at your school, organization or community, please call (888) 855-RAIL or RailSafety@octa.net.

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