LOSSAN Board Members - Joseph Muller

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Joseph Muller

Representing Orange County Transportation Authority

Joseph Muller image

Director Joseph Muller was appointed as a city council representative to the OCTA Board of Directors in January 2019. Muller was elected to the Dana Point City Council in November of 2014 and was appointed as Mayor in 2021. He also represents South Orange County on the Orange County Fire Authority, Transportation Corridor Agencies, and is a member of the Orange County Parks Commission.

Director Muller is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin. He worked as an Environmental Chemist before moving onto a career in sales. After spending years helping to develop supply chain and logistics products to better serve his customers, he moved into the field of Educational Software Sales.

Director Muller was tasked with securing State and Federal appropriations as well as working with Superintendents and School Boards to place the software in classrooms.

Director Muller retired when his children were born. After spending years raising his children, he started a property management company to manage his family’s investment properties, which is his current profession.

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