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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bus StopWhat is a bus stop Number?
    Each OCTA bus stop has a unique stop number identifier. This stop number allows OCTA to pinpoint where the bus will be along the specified route.

    Where is the stop number located?
    Each bus stop has a cassette with route information on it. The bus stop number is located directly below the route number. See the image to the right.

    How far in advance can I get bus arrival times for a bus stop?
    You can get scheduled arrival times for any bus stop up to two weeks ahead.

    What if there is more than one bus that stops at my stop, but I could take either bus to get to my destination? How can I find out which bus comes first?
    If you only want to know what time the next bus will arrive at your stop, simply text the key word (bus) and the stop number. You will receive the next 3 scheduled bus arrival times, which could include different bus numbers.

    Are the arrival times real time?
    Yes. OCTA provides real time schedules for their bus service, when available. Otherwise, scheduled arrival times are based on published timepoints and the estimated time the bus will be at that particular stop.

    Need help?
    For additional help, please text HELP (in all caps) to 628246, email or call our customer information center at (714)-636-RIDE (7433) or (800) 636- RIDE (7433).

    Note: Standard message and data rates apply. Please check with your carrier on text messaging details of your plan.

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