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  • Route 64Xpress

  • Skip Stops. Get there Faster. Take 64Xpress!

    OC BUS has added a new, faster option on Route 64 for weekday travel. We're calling it 64Xpress. It’s faster because it lets you skip all those extra stops along Bolsa Avenue and First Street between the Westminster Mall and Larwin Square in Tustin, stopping only at major transfer points and key destinations.

    Now you can choose between Route 64 or 64Xpress, depending on the stops you want to make. Look for the64X sign at regular Route 64 stops and the digital sign on the front and side of the bus.

    While 64Xpress might have fewer stops, and get you to your destination faster, using a bus pass instead of cash will help speed your ride. OC BUS offers a variety of passes that can be purchased at any Orange County Ralphs, Vons, Pavilions, Northgate markets.

    Riding basics for 64Xpress

    With fewer stops between Westminster Mall and Larwin Square, the 64Xpress provides you a faster weekday trip. Here are some quick tips and service basics to help you understand the 64Xpress.

    • 64Xpress shares some of the same stops as Route 64. The 16 shared stops are identified by unique bus stop signs.
    • The 64Xpress operates Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.
    • Route 64 and 64Xpress will operate at 30-minute intervals.
    • At Route 64Xpress stops, the combined frequency will be every 15-minutes.
    • Route 64 local trips will continue to serve all stops along the route.
    • 64Xpress fare is the same as local bus service. $2 per boarding or $4 for a day pass. There are no free transfers between 64 and 64Xpress.
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