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  • Route 57Xpress

  • Skip stops. Get there faster. Take 57Xpress

    OC BUS has added a new, faster option on Route 57 for weekday travel. We're calling it 57Xpress, and it offers a quicker commute between Orangethorpe and Sunflower from 6am to 6pm. 57Xpress has less stops along State College, The City Drive, and Bristol making it perfect for those with a longer commute.


    Catching 57Xpress is easy. Buses are clearly marked with 57X in the digital message sign.

    Catch 57Xpress from one of these unique bus stop signs along State College Boulevard, The City Drive, or Bristol Street. They share the same stops as Route 57 but are just farther apart.

    Riding basics for 57Xpress

    With fewer stops between Orangethorpe and Sunflower, the 57Xpress provides a faster weekday commute.

    How the 57Xpress works:

    • Trips begin at the Brea Mall or the Newport Transportation Center.
    • All stops are served between the Brea Mall and Orangethorpe AND Sunflower and the Newport Transportation Center.
    • Only indicated stops between Orangethorpe and Sunflower are served.
    • Operates Monday – Friday from 6 am – 6 pm

    Route 57/57X key facts:

    • Route 57 and 57Xpress will operate 20-minute frequency. (see schedule on reverse)
    • At 57Xpress stops, combined frequency will be every 10-minutes.
    • Route 57 local trips will continue to serve all stops along the route.
    • Route 57/57X will now be using 60’ Articulated buses.
    • 57Xpress fare is the same as local bus service, $2 per boarding or $4 for a day pass.
    • There are no free transfers between 57 and 57Xpress.

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