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  • Bus Service Improvements

  • Bus Service Improvements
    Effective October 9, 2022

    The Bus Service Change Improvements provides a summary of the upcoming service improvements to OC Bus. This service change will provide minor schedule changes to several routes, plus the addition of new Bravo Route 553.

    • Schedule Adjustments
      29, 30, 37, 42, 43, 47, 50, 53, 55, 57, 59, 60, 66, 70, 72, 82, 83, 89, 123, 150, 167, 402C, 403D, 463, 529
    • Temporarily Suspended Routes
      53X, 57X, 64X, 206, 213, 701, 721, 794
    • New Route Added
      Bravo 553

    For detailed route schedules call 714-636-RIDE or visit October 9 eBusbook


    Route 29:
    Weekdays: Add one Southbound trip and adjust pm frequency to every 24 minutes.

    Route 42:
    Weekdays: Add one Westbound trip at 7:49 am to provide scheduled arrival time of 8:16 am at Lincoln and Citron for Anaheim High School students.

    Route 43:
    Weekdays: Add one Northbound trip at 2:51 pm for Los Amigos High School.
    Sunday: Adjust Southbound 10:09 pm trip to 10:08 pm and Southbound 11:20 pm trip to 11:13 pm.

    Route 47:
    Weekdays: Add one Southbound trip at 7:34 am between Fairview and Westminster to Fairview and Arlington for Godinez High School.

    Route 53:
    Weekdays: Adjust frequency to every 20/22/30/60 minutes and provide every other trip to Yale Loop to compliment new Bravo 553 service.
    Weekends: Provide hourly service to Yale Loop and adjust frequency to every 20/40 minutes.

    Route 55:
    Weekdays: Southbound trip at 6:55 am departing Flower and 6th now a normal scheduled trip to accommodate Orange Coast College students. Northbound and Southbound school trips adjusted to operate 30 minutes later to accommodate Newport Harbor High School bell schedule.

    Route 57:
    Weekdays: Adjust frequency to every 30/16/32/30/60 minutes and adjust Southbound 7:28 trip to improve connection with Route 1 at Newport Transportation Center.
    Saturday: Adjust frequency to every 20 18/36 and 30/60 minutes.
    Sunday: Adjust frequency to every 30 18/36 20/40 30 and 60 minutes.

    Route 59:
    Weekdays: Adjust Northbound 2:58 pm trip to 3:33 pm to provide scheduled arrival time of 3:43 pm at Grand and Wilshire for Century High School.

    Route 60:
    Weekdays: Adjust Eastbound trips 2:36 pm trip to 3:43 pm for Westminster High School, 2:45 pm trip at 3:15 pm for Bolsa Grande High School and 3:23 pm trip to 3:19 pm to accommodate students.

    Route 66:
    Weekends: Adjust frequency to 15/30 minutes.

    Route 70:
    Weekdays: Adjust Westbound 8:33 am trip at 8:40 am to improve connections with Metrolink train #800 at Tustin Metrolink Station.

    Route 72:
    Weekends: Adjust frequency to every 50 minutes.

    Route 82:
    Weekends: Adjust trips to accommodate Trabuco High School bell schedule and improve connections with Southbound 89 7:51 am trip.

    Route 83:
    Weekdays: Add Northbound 7:43 am trip from Laguna Hills Transportation Center to Main & Town-Country for OC School of the Arts.

    Route 123:
    Weekdays: Adjust frequency to every 60 minutes all day.

    Route 150:
    Weekdays: Adjust first regular routing trip to 5:41 am and last regular routing trip to 5:37 pm and first alternate routing trip to 5:29 am.

    Route 553 – NEW BRAVO ROUTE:
    Weekdays: Add new Bravo service along Main Street to provide 22-minute frequency between 6:05 am – 7:31 pm Northbound and 5:52 am – 7:02 pm Southbound.

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