Environmental Sustainability Commitment

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  • Environmental Sustainability Commitment

  • OCTA’s mission is to develop and deliver transportation solutions to enhance the quality of life and keep Orange County moving.  As a stand-alone authority, as well as a signatory to the American Public Transportation Association’s Sustainability Commitment, OCTA pledged to administer a core set of values which direct our environmental sustainability efforts.  As environmental stewards, OCTA believes fulfilling our mission should include a focus on reducing our footprint and minimizing our reliance on natural resources. 

    OCTA incorporates five core values in our daily activities. The following sustainability objectives are based on those five core values.

    • OCTA will ensure our activities comply with, or in some cases, exceed the requirements of all local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations.  OCTA will maintain the highest level of professional relations with all governing agencies in order to ensure compliance with existing regulatory guidelines and stay at the forefront of any proposed regulatory changes which are established to enhance environmental protection practices.  Furthermore, OCTA will invite and support regulatory inspections of our operations to actively obtain ongoing feedback on compliance and best management practices.  These efforts shall demonstrate OCTA’s commitment toward regulatory compliance and proactive environmental management.
    • OCTA uses sustainable practices in our operations to foster increased efficiencies and environmental protection.  Our employees are continuously challenged to identify myriad opportunities to “green” our activities.  OCTA is committed to reducing our carbon footprint by increasing our energy efficiency, reducing or eliminating sources of pollution, decreasing our reliance on natural resources, utilizing clean fuel alternatives, and focusing on the use of renewable technologies.  OCTA strives to reduce waste generation and increase the recycling opportunities of our waste streams in order to divert unnecessary waste disposal and minimize landfill space impacts.
    • OCTA seeks to strengthen the quality of life in Orange County by focusing on protecting people and the environment. Through two separate Measure M2 programs, we pledge to mitigate and minimize adverse environmental impacts.

      1. The M2 Freeway Environmental Mitigation Program provides for comprehensive environmental mitigation for impacts resulting from freeway improvements. The program allocates funds to acquire properties and preserve them as open space. Within these efforts, OCTA is dedicated to native habitat restoration and preservation of local land.
      2. The M2 Environmental Clean Up Program helps improve water quality in Orange County by providing grants to interested Orange County cities and the County of Orange to supplement their existing transportation-related water quality programs. OCTA will continue to fund innovative programs and upgrades to reduce pollutants such as litter and debris on Orange County roadways and highways.
    • OCTA relies on our staff and our customers to propel our sustainability and environmental initiatives forward.  OCTA strives to continuously implement new programs and public transportation offerings to displace greenhouse gas emissions from personal vehicles.  From employee carpool initiatives to county bicycle programs, OCTA’s employee community and the surrounding public community members are essential in actively participating in the environmental friendly programs OCTA offers. 
    • OCTA is committed to organizational transparency and encourages open lines of communication to ensure accountability in promoting and maintaining our sustainability program. OCTA will regularly report to the community and our stakeholders on progress of our sustainability programs and goals through public media sites.  Internally, OCTA will continually communicate environmental program information to our employees via email, web correspondences, and ongoing meeting agenda items.
    • The OCTA’s core values are upheld by four vital organizational pillars:


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