OCTA’s successful vanpool program continues to grow—expanding from 288 to 340 vanpools during the fiscal year representing an increase of 91,329 passenger trips using a vanpool.

Sometimes the best measure of performance is how well we share. And that is particularly true with OCTA’s Vanpool and Rideshare programs, where the Authority helps people share rides and find more efficient and economical alternatives to get to work. The key metric is reducing traffic and smog causing emissions (NOx). Both programs work in close partnership with employers who must comply with air quality regulations.
Yet challenging drivers to stop
driving alone requires continued
outreach efforts such as those
made during the statewide
Rideshare Week in October
and Bike to Work Week in May.
Growing rideshare numbers
tell us drivers are getting
the message!

7.5 tons of NOx emissions Vanpools removed 1,622 vehicles from the roads last year which prevented 7.5 tons of smog causing emissions (NOx) from being released into the environment.Photos

371,577 vehicle miles saved This was the amount of miles saved during the statewide Rideshare Week, October 3-7, 2011, when a total of 7,206 people shared the ride to work.Photos

53,745 surveys processed OCTA helped Orange County employers comply with air quality regulations by processing these key commuter surveys and providing participants with personalized RideGuide Commute Planners listing commuting options based on where they live and work.

51,700 vehicle miles saved During Bike to Work Week, May 16-20, 1,251 Orange County residents chose to ditch their cars and ride their bikes saving a total of 51,700 vehicle miles. Photos