Dear Friend of Transportation:

This year’s annual report focuses on being “Performance Driven” which is the essence of what we do here at the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). Our employees are driven to achieve specific goals which are measured so that OCTA can attain its vision of providing an integrated and balanced transportation system in Orange County. Throughout this past year we have safely navigated the improving, but still difficult, economic times and successfully completed numerous transportation projects and efficiently delivered our many services and programs.

Whether it is through our collaborative efforts with other agencies to improve our freeway system; the traffic flow enhancements to our local streets and roads; or our ongoing analysis and augmentation of the bus and rail networks; we are driven to perform at the highest level so that the residents of Orange County can see the return on their investment. We also continue to identify and leverage additional funding sources that allow us to create and implement unique programs to enhance and expand transportation alternatives. At the same time, we are delivering transportation infrastructure projects that create or sustain much-needed jobs.

Our mission is to deliver transportation solutions and we remain dedicated and focused in our efforts to achieve this goal. Some of the accomplishments of which we are most proud during fiscal year 2010 - 11 are highlighted in the following pages.

Please know that we could not have achieved these results without your support. We look forward to continuing to do our part to keep Orange County moving.


Will Kempton
Chief Executive Officer