Driver safety is critical on the 91 Express Lanes. In a recent customer satisfaction survey, 92 percent felt safe during their commute. Thanks, in part, to a customer assistance team who is there quickly to assist stranded motorists.

The 91 Express Lanes provide motorists with an alternative. How OCTA manages the 91 Express Lanes is critical to customer satisfaction and traffic management. Under the Authority’s strong stewardship, a growing number of customers enjoyed smooth sailing along the Express Laneseven during a challenging
economy. Many of those traveling through
the SR-91 corridor in the general
purpose lanes also saw their
commute improve through
added eastbound lanes partially
funded by the 91 Express Lanes.
Financial stability and satisfied account
holders. That’s what’s driving
the 91 Express Lanes.

Technology enhancements An upgraded Electronic Toll and Traffic Management (ETTM) system with new toll recording equipment and computers was deployed along with website improvements and an enhanced Revenue and Account Management System (RAMS). Photos

New eastbound lanes A new eastbound lane on SR-91 between SR-241 and SR-71 helped ease the commute in the general purpose lanes­—an improvement partially funded by the 91 Express Lanes. Photos

90 percent Nine out of ten people responding to the 91 Express Lanes 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey said they were satisfied with their experience using the 91 Express Lanes.