Just as the original Measure M continues to keep traffic moving on our freeways, provide funds to maintain local streets, and give commuters a travel choice with Metrolink rail service, Renewed Measure M will bring improvements to Orange County freeways, streets and roads, and our transit system. Renewed Measure M also contains provisions for environmental cleanup that will improve the quality of life in Orange County.

As part of the plan of finance approved by the OCTA Board of Directors in 2007, OCTA has obtained financing for Early Action Plan projects through a Tax-Exempt Commercial Paper program, which is secured by Renewed Measure M sales tax revenues. This program will provide OCTA with as much as $400 million for highway project development, design, right of way, and construction. Approximately $211.1 million will be used for freeway improvements and $71.1 million will be used for transit projects.

With the Early Action Plan and plan of finance in place, the critical improvements promised by Renewed Measure M can begin now.