Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    The vanpool program is one that prompts quite a few questions for those who have never participated before so we wanted to try and answer some of the most common ones here.

    • What is a vanpool?

      A group of five or more people who combine resources to lease a vehicle (seven seats or more) through OCTA’s contracted vanpool vendor and commutes to work together. Participants share a common pickup location, similar work destination and work schedule.


    • What are the benefits?
      Commuters save money ($250 or more per month is common), time, stress and the environment. Employers who implement programs comply with government regulations, save money and enjoy increased employee retention and acquisition. All vanpools are required to be American with Disabilities (ADA) compliant. Accessible vehicles are available upon request.
    • How much will vanpooling cost each month?
      Pricing is based on the amount of miles driven, the vehicle selected and additional employer assistance, if offered. Some employers pay 100 percent of the costs and the vanpoolers commute for free. Employer assistance varies by company.
      To increase savings, OCTA provides $400 worth of assistance per month. This represents 30-50 percent of the average lease cost.
      Commuters typically pay $50-$150 monthly including fuel costs. Our vanpool vendor can give you an exact price quote.
    • Where do vanpools typically meet?
      Park and Ride locations are most convenient. Here is a list.
    • What if I have to go home early with an emergency/illness or need to stay late and miss my vanpool departure?
      Our Guaranteed Ride Home program gives you two free rides home per year in the event of unexpected circumstances. You’ll never be stranded.
    • How do I enroll in a vanpool?
      You can join an existing one or form a new one. Remember that OCTA is always here to help.
    • Can I cancel at any time?
      You may cancel with a 30-day advance notice. Contracts are month-to-month.
    • Do I have to work in Orange County to join?
      If your worksite is Orange County, you will qualify for the OCTA program, but other agencies provide similar programs within their counties.
    • How many vanpools are active in Orange County?
      More than 530 vanpools from over 100 employers.
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