Employers With More than 25 Riders

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Bus Solutions for Companies With More Than 25 Riders

If your company has at least 25 regular monthly bus riders, then OCTA’s Employer Pass (E-Pass) program is for you!

The E-Pass program provides a great value and eliminates your employees' need to have cash or make a trip to a store to buy a bus pass.

E-Pass is a benefit your employees can use every day for work or personal use on any OCTA local bus route. OCTA will provide cards that you distribute to participating employees. Employees swipe the card on the bus and OCTA tracks the number of rides taken. Each ride is $1.25 up to a maximum of $69 per month, per employee, no matter how many rides are taken. At the end of the month, you will receive one simple billing statement from OCTA with a summary of usage and cost by card.

Tax Breaks for Employees, Tax Breaks for You

The cost of E-Pass can be paid with an employee’s pre-tax dollars, the employer can share the cost with the employee or the employer can pay for the entire E-Pass usage and offer it to the employee as a qualified transportation fringe benefit. Qualified transportation fringe benefits Section 132(f) of the Internal Revenue Code) or "Commuter Tax Benefits" are like money in the bank. Employers save on payroll related taxes. Employees save on federal income taxes.

Other Options:

  1. Purchase OCTA 30-Day Passes to sell or distribute to your employees. Don’t worry about expirations - OCTA passes are activated with their first use and are good for 30 days from that day. So, employees can use the pass for all their trips, not just those that take them to work. Purchase passes using any of these convenient methods:
    • Buy your passes online. (Visa, MasterCard or American Express purchase)
    • In person at the OCTA store located at 550 S. Main Street in Orange (check, credit card or cash)
    • By phone with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express at (714) 560-5932
    • By mail with a check or money order to:
      OCTA Pass Sales Office
      P.O. Box 14184
      Orange, CA 92863
    If you purchase more than $1,000 of passes, you should consider becoming a bus pass sales distributor. You’ll get a discount on your purchase and have 30 days to pay. Please email us for more information.
  2. Allow your employees to set aside a portion of their pay in a flexible spending account to pay for their transit use with pre-tax dollars. Click here for more information about Commuter Tax Benefits.
  3. Promote transit at your worksite by letting your employees know how to get information. Have employees visit our website, www.octa.net, and they can plan their next trip or customize and print their personal bus book.
  4. Please email us for more information.

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