Tickets and Fares

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Save money on your Metrolink travel through multi-trip passes!

Seniors and persons with disabilities receive 50% off regular fare, Metrolink Weekends fare excluded. Three children ages 5 and under ride FREE with each fare-paying adult.

Tickets and passes that are available through Ticket Vending Machine™ at Metrolink stations include:

One-Way Ticket

Single one-way trip from station where purchased to your selected destination—for up to 3 hours from time of purchase.

Round-Trip Ticket

Round-trip between station where purchased and your selected destination. Destination valid for 3 hours from time of purchase; return portion valid any time on same day of purchase.

10-Trip Ticket

10 one-way trips between the origin station and your selected destination within 90 days. May be used by more than one passenger. Ticket must be date-stamped on the day of use (once per passenger) in the metal ticket validator machine on the platform prior to boarding the train or using connecting transit. Do not fold, tape, or photocopy. Once validated, 10-trip ticket is good for round-trip transfer on connecting transit to/from Union Station for the rest of the day. For example, if you validated your 10-trip ticket in the morning on your way to work, it is also good for your ride back to Union Station on connecting transit (i.e. Red Line, Blue Line, and participating buses) in the afternoon.

Monthly Pass

Unlimited travel for that month between the station where purchased and your selected destination. Monthly passes are sold during the last 10 days and first 10 days of the new month. Valid only during month printed on pass. Must be signed and is nontransferable. Do not cut or photocopy.

Metrolink Weekends Ticket

Valid for weekend trips only. For travel on the OC and IEOC lines, save 25% off the regular adult weekday ticket price one-way and round-trip. Metrolink monthly pass holders get to ride FREE on weekends when they take the train for travel between their origin station and selected destination during a calendar month.

Duplicate Tickets

To purchase several tickets for the same fare type and trip at once, speed up your transaction by using the "DUPLICATE TICKET" button on the Ticket Vending Machine. Up to nine identical tickets may be purchased in one transaction using this button. To use:

  • Select the ticket type and destination.
  • Press the "DUPLICATE TICKET" button once for each additional ticket. The number of tickets you have selected and the total price will be displayed on the screen.
  • Insert cash, credit or debit card to pay for tickets.