Commuter Overview

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Commuter Overview

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If you’re thinking about leaving your solo commute behind even only one or two days a week, you’re already ahead of the pack. We have options and tools to help make getting there easier: you can plan your commute, find park-and-ride lots, see how much you can save on your taxes by commuting, and calculate how much commuting can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

More Than $8,600 Saved Annually by Individuals Who Seek to 'Ride Out' the Rough Economy by Riding Public Transportation.

Commuting Cost Comparison

Carpool Saves you 50%-75%
Vanpool Saves you 50% or more
Metrolink Saves you 50% or more
Bus $69 a month - you do the math!
Bike Nearly free & a great workout
Walk Cheaper than a healthclub!

OCTA Events

April 26, 2015 Bike Festival, Huntington Beach Pier 9am to 1pm
May Bike Month
June 15 -19 Dump the Pump Week
October 5 - 9 Rideshare Week
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