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OC Bikeways Map

Orange County Bikeways Map

Orange County is criss-crossed by about 1,000 miles of bikeways that can take you from Santa Ana to San Juan Capistrano, from Brea to the beach…just about anywhere you want to go.

This map is a great online tool to view Orange County’s expansive bikeway network. If you’d like a printed copy of the map, send a request for an OC Bikeways Guide to Please include your name and mailing address in your request.

Download Bikemap PDF (30 MB)


Orange County Bicycle Information

There are three classes of commuter bikeways:

  • Class I – off-street paved bike paths
  • Class II – on-street striped and signed bicycle lanes
  • Class III – on-street shared-lane signed bicycle routes

Off-street paths are facilities on a separate right-of-way from roadways, and are usually shared by bicyclists and pedestrians. Shared paths are used for multiple purposes by many people with diverse experiences and levels of abilities.

Bicycle lanes are on-street facilities that use painted stripes and stencils to delineate the right of way assigned to bicyclists and motorists, and to provide for more predictable movements by each.

Bicycle routes are signed on-street facilities that accommodate vehicles and bicycles in the same travel lane. Bicycles are permitted on most roadways; however, for safety purposes, signed bicycle routes are often found on streets with lower speeds and traffic volumes.

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