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Bikes on Buses

Extend Your Bike Trip by Bus

If you are traveling a long distance, you can ride your bicycle to a bus stop and take a bus to your destination. All OCTA buses are equipped with bicycle racks, located at the front of the vehicle that can carry two bicycles at a time.

Tips for Taking Your Bike on the Bus

Loading Your Bike

  • Be ready when the bus arrives
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before stepping off the curb
  • Remove all loose items from your bike or basket before loading
  • Lift your bike onto the rack and secure the support arm over the tire
  • DO NOT lock your bike to the rack
  • Tell the driver where you will be exiting

Unloading your bike:

  • Tell the driver you are getting your bike BEFORE you exit
  • Always exit through the front door so the driver can see you
  • Lift the support arm off of your bike
  • Lift your bike off the rack. Stay on the curbside of the bus
  • If there are no other bikes, lift the rack into the locked position

Points to remember:

  • Never walk into the street to load your bike
  • Do not ride your bike against traffic to catch the bus
  • Tell the driver you are getting your bike BEFORE you get off the bus
  • OCTA buses can hold MOST sized bikes that meet these specifications – Wheel Size: 20-29 inches in diameter. Wheelbase: 44 inches maximum axle to axle. Tire Width: no more than 2.35 inches
  • The driver is not required to help you load or unload your bike

What if the bike rack is full?

  • Bike racks are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Folding bikes are allowed on the bus
  • You may bring your bicycle on board if the racks are full AND it’s the last bus of the day on that particular route
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