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  • Measure M

    Measure M, Orange County’s half-cent transportation sales tax, continues to make a significant difference in the lives of residents who benefit every day from improvements on freeways, streets and roads, and the transit system.
  • Measure M Ten-Year Review Results and Proposed Amendment to Reallocate Transit Funds

    One of the safeguards of the Measure M Ordinance is to conduct a comprehensive review every 10 years of all projects and programs implemented under the Investment Plan (Plan). The first 10-year review (2006-2016) was recently completed and evaluates the performance of the overall program and provides recommendations to improve its performance (report summary).

    Comprehensive analysis and public outreach has shown that the projects and programs in the Plan continue to be on track to deliver transportation improvements to Orange County. Although there has been legislative and economic changes, they do not warrant any significant changes to the Plan.

    To ensure all elements of the Plan can be delivered as promised, an amendment to the Transit Category of the Plan is being proposed to close out Project T (Convert Metrolink Station(s) to Regional Gateways that connect Orange County with High-Speed Rail Systems), which is complete, and reallocate the remaining funds to Project U (Expand Mobility Choices for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities) to cover a shortfall in the Fare Stabilization Program and Project R (High Frequency Metrolink Service), which funds the ongoing operation of Metrolink service in Orange County. While Project T has a capital investment emphasis, Project U has more of an operational assistance emphasis, and Project R has a mix of capital and operations; however, the Measure M2 Ordinance allows for movement of funding within a category.

    The public hearing will be part of the December 14 OCTA Board Meeting at 9am. at OCTA, located at 600 S. Main St., Orange CA 92868.

    If you have questions, please contact Tamara Warren, Measure M Program Manager, at or (714) 560-5590.

  • About Measure M

    Voters first approved Measure M in 1990 for a 20-year period. Their trust was rewarded by more than $4 billion in transportation improvements, including adding 192 freeway lane miles, improving 170 intersections and 38 freeway interchanges, and implementing Metrolink service in Orange County. After experiencing 20 years of success and progress, voters renewed the sales tax for transportation improvements in 2006 for another 30 years.
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