91 Freeway Improvement Project (RCTC)

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  • 91 Freeway Improvement Project (RCTC)

  • The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) and project partners are making improvements to the 91 Freeway from Corona to Riverside. Construction on this major freeway improvement project began in early 2014 and new lanes are expected to open in 2017.

    The 91 Freeway in Riverside County ranks among the nation's worst commutes. Stop-and-go traffic is the norm, especially during morning and late afternoon rush hours. In fact, traffic congestion on eastbound 91 between Anaheim and Corona is routinely among the worst five areas in the nation.

    However, good news is on the way for drivers, thanks to the 91 Project. Led by RCTC, the project will add regular lanes, tolled express lanes, auxiliary lanes and direct express lane connectors from the northbound 15 to the westbound 91 and from the eastbound 91 to the southbound 15. Improvements to interchanges, ramps and surface streets also will be made along the 91 corridor.

    These improvements will help reduce delays, allow faster emergency response, relieve local street congestion and offer better access to public transit and trails, all of which will allow motorists to "Fast Forward" their travel. In addition, the innovative design-build project is creating 16,200 jobs.

    For more information on RCTC’s project, please go to http://sr91project.info/ or contact the RCTC helpline at 877-770-9191

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