Develop the Long-Range Transportation Plan

OCTA submitted the 2014 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), a 20-year vision for Orange County’s transportation network, to the Southern California Association of Governments for inclusion in the 2016 Regional Transportation Plan.

● More than 1,000 members of the public, elected officials, local agencies, advocacy groups, and industry professionals were included in the development of the LRTP.

● The LRTP includes a four-year action plan to address issues highlighted during the planning process and lead to projects and strategies for consideration in future Long-Range Transportation Plan updates.

Develop a balanced comprehensive business plan

● OCTA’s Comprehensive Business Plan is a strategic business tool utilized to ensure the financial viability of OCTA programs and services, and is designed to assist OCTA in implementing its strategic goals and objectives within the framework of sound business practices. The fiscal year 2014-15 Comprehensive Business Plan demonstrates the financial feasibility of all programs and services over a 20-year horizon.

● OCTA completed a short-range transit plan which outlines how bus service could be enhanced in a sustainable manner if additional revenue becomes available.

Adopt a funding strategy for the M2 Freeway Environmental Mitigation Program

The Board adopted a funding strategy for the Measure M Freeway Environmental Mitigation Program. OCTA is acquiring a network of undeveloped properties rich with natural habitat and wildlife corridors.

● The purchase of 204 undeveloped acres for $2.5 million in January brought OCTA’s total to 1,150 acres of open space property that will be permanently designated as wilderness preserves.

● OCTA approved a multi-year target of $34.5 million to provide funds to pay for the long-term management and maintenance costs of land preserves acquired for environmental mitigation.

Other environmental accomplishments

● In November, OCTA released a draft conservation plan for public review that provides comprehensive mitigation to offset biological impacts from the Measure M freeway improvement projects.

● OCTA hosted a series of informative tours of the protected wilderness preserves to promote environmental sustainability.

Award-winning environmental efforts

● n September, the California Stormwater Quality Association honored OCTA for improving water quality from transportation-related pollutants in Orange County’s waterways.