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In June 1990, Proposition 111 was passed, which made additional funding available for transportation projects through a nine cent increase in the state gas tax and mandated that each county with 50,000 or more residents develop a Congestion Management Program (CMP).  As Orange County’s designated Congestion Management Agency (CMA), OCTA is responsible for the conformance monitoring and biennial updating of Orange County’s CMP. 

Although the passage of AB 2419 (statutes of 1996) provided an opportunity to opt out of the CMP process, OCTA’s Board of Directors elected to continue with it because the data helps to satisfy federal Congestion Management Plan requirements and similar efforts were required as part of the Measure M Growth Management Program (GMP).  Although the GMP ends with the sunset of Measure M, the CMP will remain relevant as a requirement for local jurisdictions to receive Measure M2 funds. 


2003 - CMP
2005 - CMP
2007 - CMP


2009 - CMP
2009 Appendix E- CMP
2009 Appendix F- CMP


2011 – CMP
2011 Appendix E - CIP
2011 Appendix F – Subarea Modeling Guidelines


2013 - CMP
2013 Appendix E- CMP
2013 Appendix F- CMP 


2015 - Draft CMP

Questions and comments on the Draft 2015 CMP can be addressed to Carolyn Mamaradlo, OCTA at cmamaradlo@octa.net or (714) 560-5748.

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