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‘Breaking Down Barriers’ Initiative Fuels Transportation Bill To Expedite Construction Projects and Create American Jobs

micaFeb. 1, 2012 — The Orange County Transportation Authority applauded congressional leaders and U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman John Mica (R-Fla.) today for laying the groundwork for America’s transportation future by releasing the federal transportation reauthorization bill.

The bill outlines $260 billion in funding over the next four and half years for transportation projects along with changes to current programs and processes. Read More

Breaking Down Barriers Initiative Foundation for New Legislation

Rep. Miller introduces bill to speed up project delivery to create jobs

millerAug. 4, 2011 — The Orange County Transportation Authority applauded U.S. Rep. Gary Miller (R-Brea) today for releasing the Breaking Down Barriers Act of 2011 intended to speed up the delivery of transportation projects and put hundreds of thousands of Americans to work. Read More

Driving Leadership for Jobs Now

What is the Breaking Down Barriers Initiative? This initiative is intended to work with current initiatives to accelerate the creation of jobs by expediting the processes of planning, funding and constructing federally assisted projects.

What are the barriers?

Lengthy documents and redundant reporting slows down transportation projects. Many agencies have difficulty using the money available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act because they did not complete the lengthy project development process.

How do we breakthrough?

  • Focus the federal process on outcomes and modernize cumbersome processes to focus federal actions toward improving transportation systems.
  • Team up with partners for performance by improving grant programs and clarify the respective roles of federal, state and local agencies for accountability and efficiency in achieving jointly developed milestones.
  • Focus on internal recipients on efficiency and reward innovations that bring new efficiencies to industry practice.

How many jobs will be created by an earlier investment in infrastructure projects?

Infrastructure projects are one of the best ways to create jobs and keep America moving. For every $1 billion invested in transportation, 18,000 jobs are created. We can create more than 800,000 jobs with the $48.2 billion invested annually in transportation programs under the Safe, Flexibility, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users or SAFETEA-LU.

How do we work together?

We all have a vested interest in creating more jobs to help lead America on the road to recovery. By accelerating infrastructure improvement projects by eliminating redundancies while at the same time adhering to the nation’s environmental stewardship, we can work together to break down the barriers that prevent our nation from creating much-needed jobs now.

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