Grab Your Bike and Get on Board: Bike Cars Launched into Weekday Metrolink Service

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Grab Your Bike and Get on Board: Bike Cars Launched into Weekday Metrolink Service

Cars will now be on 34 trains throughout the five-county system
Nov. 10 2011
ORANGE – Commuters can now grab their bikes and get on board a train as Metrolink rolls out bike cars throughout the 512-mile network.

As cycling’s popularity as a commuting option continues to grow, Metrolink is introducing bike cars into weekday service on 34 trains to provide for additional bike storage. Cyclists gathered today in Orange County for the inaugural ride.

“This region has a reputation of being very dependent on our cars. With innovations like the bike cars, Metrolink is working to make it easier for Southern Californians to leave their cars at home,” said Metrolink CEO John Fenton.

“With year-round weather in Southern California that promotes an outdoor lifestyle, people are turning to cycling as not only a weekend activity, but also as a commuting option,” said OCTA Chair Patricia Bates, also the Fifth District Supervisor. “These bike cars help provide the last mile connection for commuters from a Metrolink station to their final destination, making it easier for them to leave their cars at home and take public transit.”

Metrolink introduced two bicycle cars as a pilot program this summer on the Inland-Empire line weekend beach trains and helped transport more than 250 cyclists to CicLAvia. Since then, the cars have been tested on trains throughout the five-county area. More cars will be added in the future based on demand.

To create the new bicycle cars, Metrolink crews removed 29 passenger seats on the bottom level of one of its railcars that traditionally seats up to 149 people.

Each car is designed to accommodate up to 18 bicycles. Metrolink standard passenger cars only have space for two bikes. Bicycle cars will be fully wrapped in the bike emblem or can be identified by yellow decals located on the outside of the rail car.

For more information and a schedule of the bike cars, visit or

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